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About Us

Sangeet Piyasi is a prominent name in the horizon of Hindustani Classical music. Since, its inception in 1992, Sangeet Piyasi has worked relentlessly and tirelessly towards achievement of its aims and objectives and has dedicated itself for the cause of Hindustani Classical music. During its journey Sangeet Piyasi has achieved quite a few milestones and has been blessed my maestros, stalwarts and eminent persons of the society.

It was formed by the disciples of great Tabla maestro Late Pundit Krishna Kumar Ganguly (Natu Babu) of Benaras & Lukhnow Gharana. It started its journey in 1992 with inaugural concert by Pundit Arun Bhaduri and christened as 'Sangeet Piyasi' by Natu Babu himself in 1993 and the official Logo was thankfully sketched by another great Tabla exponent Padmavibhushan Late Pundit Kishen Maharaj.


Aims & Objectives

Sangeet Piyasi is an organization built on the ideals of Guru Krishna Kumar Ganguly (Natu Babu) whose objective was to promote and propagate the rich heritage of Indian Classical Music. It is with Gurujis benign blessings that Sangeet Piyasi has crossed nineteen years, working towards the goal set out by him. To achieve the above stated objective Sangeet Piyasi organizes musical concerts, seminars, workshops and regular training programs throughout the year. Through its vast and varied activities Sangeet Piyasi will continue to chase its dreams and aspirations.



1. We are able to make our organization - 'Sangeet Piyasi' a renowned name in the Hindustani Classical Music vicinity, particularly in West Bengal. We are now among the Top most organizations in Bengal who are involved in the field of Indian Classical Music

2. We are proud to announce that we consistently organize concerts (whether with established artists or upcoming artists) with full house audience wherever organized.

3. We have been able to introduce scholarships for the financially constrained but deserving students of classical music through a complete transparent and fair screening process.

4. Sangeet Piyasi, since its inception has felicitated a number of great musicians and artists of the country.

5. Able to financially aid artists and musicians of yesteryears whenever possible.

6. Spreading our horizons outside Kolkata i.e. other parts of India and abroad with the help of the members

7. We organize regular classes for Hindustani Classical music students of different fields with the help of our members and trainers.

8. We organize a picnic every year in January which is a source of immense joy and entertainment for our members.